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Pre-Nursing Track

Careers in Nursing

There is a wide range of nursing career opportunities, from an entry-level practitioner to researcher at the doctoral level. As hands-on healthcare professionals, nurses deliver personalized care and are in demand, growing much faster than the average, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Pre-nursing Track

The pre-nursing track at Webber International University provides students with the opportunity to complete the first two years of general education and pre-requisite courses needed to apply for admission into a traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program. Students will establish a solid foundation that will be required in nursing courses leading to a BSN. Our courses will fulfill the pre-requisites required at many nursing schools; however, requirements may vary from one institution to another. Students will need to research specific requirements to ensure that they meet all the necessary conditions for admission to their program choice.

For potential first-year students who wish to become a nurse and want to apply to a traditional BSN program, Webber can help achieve that dream by getting started on the right track. Students transferring from another institution can enroll in the pre-nursing track to complete any needed pre-requisite courses for admission to a BSN program.

The pre-nursing track does not award a degree or certification but provides the foundation to apply to nursing programs that award a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.