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General Business Studies

Careers in General Business Studies

Majoring in General Business Studies opens up a world of opportunities – graduates are always in demand.

A great advantage of a bachelor’s degree in General Business Studies is the wide variety of career opportunities the graduate may pursue. For example, the graduate may seek a job in many different industries such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, hospitality, and entertainment. The graduate may seek a job in many different functions of business such as accounting, finance, marketing, and management.

The General Business Studies major is also suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Bachelor of Science

This program recognizes the ever-changing needs in the world today. The program offers flexibility for students who have career goals that require a business background but do not require a specific area of concentration. The program is structured to permit the transfer of nonbusiness-related credits for students who have earned credit in another area but have recognized the need for a business foundation in their chosen field of employment. It also provides flexibility for the student to select a large number of electives within the business field to tailor the educational program to the student’s life goals. The course work is largely managerial and entrepreneurial in scope. The program is ideal for students who want to operate a small business in a technical field or who are reentering college after having earned college credit in another field.

Available On-campus and Online.