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Elementary Education

Careers in Elementary Education

An Education degree is a great starting point for careers such as School Psychologist, Guidance Counselor, Juvenile Corrections worker, Career Counselor, Family Counselor, and Education Consultant, to name a few.

Elementary education is the first stage of formal education, it follows preschool education, and precedes secondary education. Elementary education generally starts with children between the ages of 5 and 7. The standard definition of primary education is a single-phase where programs are mainly devised to provide a solid capability in reading, writing, and math, along with an elementary understanding of other subjects.

Bachelor's degrees

The primary mission of the Elementary Education program is to offer a high quality, research-driven program leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree and initial licensure. The Elementary Education degree and licensure program prepares facilitators of learning to teach grades K-6. Teacher candidates explore the process of teaching and learning through an integrative, constructive approach that includes multiple opportunities for field, based learning, and practical experiences in the school setting. Candidates can utilize the strong liberal arts approach found in the General Education curriculum to help meet the teacher education standard for knowing content, while the Elementary Education program provides candidates with a strong understanding and skill base in pedagogical studies that continue to make our graduates notable as they pursue their professional vocation of teaching children in grades K-6.

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