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Institutional Effectiveness & Research

Goals for student achievement and the success of students in achieving those goals

Achievement Data Benchmarks

The University evaluates success with respect to student achievement consistent with its mission. To do this, the University has adopted several of the criteria suggested in the FR 4.1standard. These criteria are:
(a) placement of graduates;
(b) undergraduate and graduate course completion rates;
(c) the Therapeutic Horsemanship
PATHI Certification; and
(d) teacher licensure rates.
The achievement data page presents documents multi-year data that were collected to monitor and assess student achievement for each of these measures.
Established benchmarks for each criterion are:
Florida Campus Job Placement: 70-80% success rate based on previous graduates’ performance.
Florida and North Carolina Campus Course Completion Rate: 85% course completion rates per semester for both undergraduate and graduate
degree levels at the University.
NC Branch Campus Therapeutic Horsemanship NARHA / PATHI Certification: 90% licensure success rate for those who chose to obtain certification.
NC Branch Campus Teacher Education Licensure: 80% teacher education licensure ultimate pass rate.

*Revision History: December 2, 2015
February 7, 2017