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Integrated Marketing Communications

Careers in Integrated Marketing Communications

A Bachelor’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications leads to a diverse range of job opportunities. Many organizations carry out marketing activities of some kind or another and therefore need qualified professionals. Typical marketing activities include Traditional and Digital Advertising, Brand Reputation Management, Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, Content Marketing, Event Marketing, Consumer Promotions to name a few.

Bachelor's degrees

Integrated Marketing Communications has become a dominant force in the digital era – aimed at creating unified, strategic messages to build a successful brand and organization. Our program combines study in advertising, communications, emerging media, marketing strategy, and public relations to help students excel in today’s workplace. This interdisciplinary program is designed to fit your needs and prepares you for a wide variety of positions. Within the Integrated Marketing Communications major are four different paths: Executive-Level Communications, Strategic Marketing, Emerging Media and Social Media, & Creative Communications.

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