Health Services Administration

Careers in Health Services Administration

Health systems management or health care systems management describes the leadership and general management of health care systems, hospitals, and hospital networks. The term includes management at all levels. In the US, management of a single organization (e.g., a hospital) is also known as healthcare management, medical and health services management, or health administration.

As the health care system in the US grows to meet the increasing demand for medical care, the need for administrators to manage health care facilities is also increasing.

Bachelor's degrees

The Health Services Administration undergraduate program at Webber International University is an interdisciplinary major designed to prepare students for a career in the health services industry in an administrative capacity. The program of study will give students a broad view of the healthcare system and will prepare students for entry and mid-level management positions in areas such as hospitals, medical clinics, group medical practices, managed care organizations, long-term care facilities, insurance companies, home health agencies, and governmental health agencies. The program analyzes the structure of the health care industry, identifies cultural, legal, and environmental factors that impact health, and provides students with communication and management skills.