Careers in Management

The program’s mission is to help the student develop the skills, attitudes, and confidence suited to contemporary management needs. It pursues this mission through achieving a balance between conceptual and hands-on experiences in several dimensions. Some careers opportunities include; Business Analyst, Business Administrator, Account Executive, Entrepreneur, Human Resource Professional, Operation Manager, Management Consultant, Project manager.

Associate & Bachelor's degrees

These degrees at Webber International University spearheads toward a goal of “Excellence in Management” which helps influence the focus of all other business programs. The program’s inherent flexibility promotes the skills to manage in a variety of business and industry positions. The carefully planned courses provide the foundation for making intelligent business decisions. The program has broadly designed courses in the major functional fields of management along with specialized courses to enable the student to examine one or more areas of depth. Entrepreneurial education is an essential component of the Management Program. Emphasis is placed on; creating and revising strategic plans; processes leading to planned outcomes; personnel issues and ethics in business. The focus is on developing the student’s effectiveness as a Business Manager.