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Webber Attends 42nd Annual College Ethics Symposium

This time last week, four students and a faculty representative were able to attend the 42nd Annual College Ethics Symposium (www.ethicssymposium.org) on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Webber students, along with those from a handful of other schools, were able to engage in dialogue centered around a variety of tough topics to determine what the ethical issues were within each. Students are encouraged to listen to the viewpoints of their group members with an open mind.

The students in attendance were Thuan Pham (senior), Orlando Pena (junior), Hannah Tannone (senior), and Rie Tomie (junior).They, along with the faculty representative, were able to stay with host families who graciously opened their homes for the event.

“I think the most valuable thing I learned from the symposium is that many people will have various opinions on the same matter. It’s very interesting to hear different ideas from different people and that’s my favorite part of the event as well. Beside that, the opportunity to network with people that I have never met before, and bond with those from Webber was also a great experience. I’ll use what I experienced from the symposium to listen and appreciate other’s opinions even more.” – Thuan Pham

“My experience was really amazing, I learned so many ethical and unethical situations I never knew possible. I met amazing people, experienced some cases that really opened my mind about everything, and I found out the right way to make conversation. The listening and making small talk into great conversations was really a big turning point for me. This symposium was very useful and very glad I went. If I could go again I would.” – Orlando Pena