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Criminal Justice Management

Careers in Criminal Justice

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice Management provides the student with the knowledge, experience, and education to enter into the field of criminal justice; to be successful in the various law enforcement academies; do well a new law enforcement officer and possess the tools to be successful in the field. Some of the fields open to CJM students are local, county and state police organizations, corrections at the county, state and federal levels, state investigative agencies as special agents, crime scene investigators, federal agencies such as the FBI, DEA, US Marshalls, Home Land Security, and military police and special agents such as CID in the US Army and NCIS in the US Navy. The program also prepares you for a career in security in the private sector with domestic and international companies.

Associate & Bachelor's degrees

Webber’s Criminal Justice Management (CJM) Program combines Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts core courses and Criminal Justice courses, making the program one of a kind. It provides a unique and exclusive program that can be of immeasurable benefit to current law enforcement personnel and traditional students who wish to enter the law enforcement workforce.

Master's in Business Administration with an option in Criminal Justice Management

Gain essential skills for the high-demand field of criminal justice with this masters degree for law enforcement at Webber International University. The Master’s Degree at WIU provides you with an MBA and a CJM where you gain the advanced knowledge of criminal justice and the knowledge of business administration preparing you for upward mobility in the law enforcement field all the way to the rank of police or sheriff. It also allows you the ability to teach both Criminal Justice and Business Administration at the Associate and Bachelor levels.

All CJM classes, at all levels, are taught by current or retired law enforcement officers with 20 plus years of actual police experience.

Available On Campus and Online