Careers in Finance

Financial decision making is the science of using accounting data and economic variables to make decisions which impact the firm through increasing the value of the company as measured by the market value of the stock. Financial analysis skills are necessary for all careers. Every action involves financial decision making. Specific corporate financial decision would include capital structure analysis and capital budgeting tools. Capital structure involves the use of the most effective financing mix to minimize the costs of the financing. Capital budgeting involves efficient allocation of the financing towards assets which increase the value of the firm. Every company business whether they be public or private, service oriented or product oriented must use financial decision making to ensure the business is sustainable for the long term. Individuals in the field of finance work directly within a firm or could be outside consultants. The demand is high.

Other careers are Financial Planner, Actuary, Financial Analyst, Credit Analyst, and Investor Relations Associates.

Associate & Bachelor's degrees

This program allows graduates to prepare for a career in a variety of financial management positions. The student can develop an understanding of the theory of finance and the interaction of private and public sector finance as they relate to the overall economy. The student can develop a theoretical as well as a practical understanding of the various areas in the field of finance: banking, investments, financial institutions, portfolio management, and general financial management.

Available On-Campus and Online