Empower Your Future as an Occupational Therapy Assistant: Guiding Your Journey to Success

Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy helps individuals with disabilities live their best lives. Occupational therapy assistants (OTAs) work closely with occupational therapists (OTs), implementing treatment plans and aiding in various activities to enhance patients’ quality of life.

The OTA profession is gaining importance due to its high demand across healthcare settings.OTAs are expected to grow by 32% from 2019 to 2029, playing a vital role in helping an aging population and individuals with chronic conditions.

Demand for OTAs spans hospitals, rehab centers, schools, and more, as people live longer and need ongoing care. OTAs are essential in facilitating recovery, particularly with advances in medical technology.

Being an OTA offers job security and fulfillment, with the chance to impact lives positively. Opportunities in emerging fields like telehealth also expand the role of OTAs, making therapy more accessible.

Benefits of pursuing an OTA degree at Webber International University

Webber International University offers a comprehensive OTA degree, preparing students for a rewarding healthcare career. With an emphasis on practical learning, students acquire real-world experience through clinical rotations and internships, enhancing networking and job prospects.

Small class sizes ensure personalized attention from expert faculty, facilitating engaging discussions and enriched learning. The program integrates courses from various departments, enhancing critical thinking skills.

State-of-the-art facilities provide access to modern equipment, preparing students for diverse healthcare settings. Extracurricular activities and community involvement foster personal growth and leadership development in a diverse campus culture.

Choosing Webber for an OTA degree offers benefits beyond the classroom, including practical experience, personalized education, interdisciplinary learning, modern facilities, and personal development opportunities.

Discover Webber’s OTA Program: An Overview of the Curriculum

Webber University’s OTA program has a complete curriculum to prepare students for successful occupational therapy careers. The program covers human anatomy, psychology, and therapeutic techniques, providing theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Students benefit from hands-on learning experiences, including clinical rotations, to develop essential skills like patient interaction and treatment planning. Specialized courses focus on pediatrics and mental health, while elective options allow students to explore specific interests such as assistive technology.

This program is the first in Florida to provide a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy Assistant (BSOTA) with Candidacy status from ACOTE. Additionally, it is the sole OTA program in the United States, offering a minor in Health Services Administration (HSA).

With experienced faculty and state-of-the-art facilities, Webber’s OTA program ensures students are well-prepared for successful careers as compassionate and skilled occupational therapy assistants, ready to impact healthcare positively.

Career opportunities and job outlook for OTAs

Examining job opportunities and prospects is crucial if you’re interested in pursuing a career as an Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA). OTAs are in high demand due to the increasing need for rehabilitation services and healthcare professionals.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects OTA jobs to increase by 31% from 2018 to 2028, faster than usual. It is because of the growing number of older people and better medical technology, which means more therapy is needed.

OTAs can work in settings like hospitals, clinics, schools, or home health agencies, each offering unique experiences. They can also specialize in pediatrics or gerontology, making them valuable to employers.

Besides traditional employment, OTAs can work independently or start their practice, giving them flexibility and potentially higher earnings. Salaries change depending on where you work, your experience, and what area you specialize in. There are chances to earn more by getting more education and certifications. Overall, the outlook for OTAs is promising, offering diverse career paths and competitive salaries in the growing healthcare field.

Choosing Webber for an OTA program means picking the best path to a great healthcare job. With practical skills, modern facilities, and unique opportunities like a minor in Health Services Administration, Webber prepares you for success. You’ll have excellent job prospects and a fulfilling healthcare career.