Is a Master’s in Criminal Justice Worthwhile?


A master’s degree in criminal justice from Webber International University offers numerous benefits, including increased job opportunities and consideration for advanced positions within the public service sector.

Many professionals seek a master’s degree to secure leadership roles within their respective industries, especially within federal government agencies like the FBI, where the degree qualifies them for prestigious positions such as FBI special agents. Additionally, assistant director and director positions within local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies often require candidates to hold a master’s degree in criminal justice.

What Can You Expect from a Master’s in Criminal Justice at Webber International University?

A master’s degree in criminal justice at Webber International University provides students with specialized knowledge and expertise. Our curriculum delves into various topics, including forensics, special investigations, criminal rehabilitation, and criminal profiling, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for diverse roles within law enforcement.

Moreover, the higher salaries associated with advanced degrees make pursuing a master’s in criminal justice a worthwhile investment. On average, professionals with a master’s degree, such as detectives and criminal investigators, earn a median wage of nearly $80,000, compared to the average salary of $63,000 for police officers. Supervisory roles within law enforcement agencies offer even higher earning potential, with degree holders making over $95,000 annually.

Flexibility and Return on Investment

Many professionals choose to pursue a master’s degree in criminal justice at Webber International University while continuing to work, thanks to the flexibility offered by our online program. It allows students to balance their studies with their existing commitments and advance their careers without interruption. With a good return on investment, our master’s degree program is particularly appealing for mid-career professionals looking to enhance their skills and qualifications.

What Career Opportunities Await Graduates?

Graduates of Webber International University’s master’s in criminal justice program have a wide range of career opportunities. Most commonly, jobs are found within law enforcement agencies, where degree holders may qualify for supervisory roles such as warden at correctional institutions or positions like police sergeant, lieutenant, captain, or chief within municipal police departments.

Memorable investigator roles are also typical, allowing professionals to enforce laws and delve into the root causes of criminal behavior. Other career options include criminal profiler, criminologist, forensic psychologist, and forensic examiner.

Beyond traditional law enforcement roles, graduates can also explore opportunities in emergency management, private security, consulting, and the private sector. Emergency management jobs involve developing policies and plans for weather disasters and terrorist attacks, while private security supervisors are responsible for protecting assets such as valuables and infrastructure.

Exploring Criminology at Webber International University

Webber International University also offers a master’s degree in criminology, preparing students to study the potential causes of crime and its impact on society. Criminologists may find employment at public research universities, where they lead studies and research to find ways to deter crime.

They may also work as consultants to law enforcement agencies or private businesses, assessing security practices and vulnerabilities. A master’s degree is typically required for senior positions in criminology, distinguishing graduates as experts in their field.

A master’s degree program in criminal justice or criminology from Webber International University opens up professional career opportunities. With specialized knowledge, flexible learning options, and a strong return on investment, our programs empower graduates to make a meaningful impact in law enforcement, security, and criminological research. Advance your career by taking the next step with a master’s degree from Webber International University today.