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The advantage of having a resort-like campus when enrolling in a hospitality degree

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Are you thinking of enrolling in a hospitality degree but trying to decide what type of campus works for you? There are many different options to choose from, ranging from a city centre location to a spacious resort-like campus. Here at Webber University, we have a stunning and spacious campus, with all your needs compacted into one site. Whether enrolling in a hotel management degree or other hospitality management courses there are specific advantages to a resort like campus.


One key advantage of a large campus university is having your accommodation so close to your classes. No time or money is wasted on transport to and from university, meaning you can make the most of your time on your hospitality course.

Close to all your friends

The majority of our students live, work and socialise on campus. This means whatever the time of day there are other students around to study and socialise with.

Clubs and Societies

Living and studying on campus means you are close to all the extra-curricular activities on offer for students. Whatever your interest, you will find that you can easily walk to your clubs without worrying about being late from rushing between places.

Sense of Community

A campus university means all our students are tied together by a sense of community. There are many support services across campus and the events held throughout the year tie our student population together, whether you are taking part in a hospitality course or a criminology degree.

At Webber University we aim to provide students with the best student experience. Our spacious campus and range of accommodation means everyone can live and work together throughout their degree program. For more information contact us by email or visit us in person!