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Webber Students Host Fall Festival


BABSON PARK, Fla. – Webber International University’s Facility and Event Management class successfully hosted its Fall Fest for students on the University campus.

The Facility and Event Management class is made up of students from both Sport Business Management and Hospitality majors and is taught by Dr. Elfie Farchmin. The course studies the financing, management and marketing of sports facilities and events. In order to best teach the students, the class allows them to apply their theoretical knowledge with the practical experience of planning and running an event.

On the evening of Tuesday, October 22nd at 7pm, the Fall Fest was underway. It was a multi-location event, with fun carnival activities on the tennis courts, food, drinks and festivities in the courtyard and three big prize events that took place on the outdoor basketball court. The event was a huge success and recorded an attendance of 200 students. Dr. Farchmin was extremely impressed with the work ethic of the class and how they applied their theoretical knowledge.

“As the professor of the class I must say this event was a great success and a great learning experience for my students. They all were very involved in the planning process and worked extremely hard the night of the event. The students actually came up with one of the best procedures I have ever seen – they made an event card for each participant. The participants had to complete five of the activities in order to receive their T-shirts and free food. This will go down as one of the best class projects I have ever been a part of.” – Dr. Elfie Farchmin

Throughout the evening, there were three big prize events that were extremely popular amongst the students. The class’ marketing department promoted these on social media and had pop up tents on campus leading up to the event. The first big prize event was a 3-point basketball shootout. There were over 30 participants but it was Steven Honore who would prevail. He recorded an evening best of 18 points and was awarded with the first big prize of the night – a gift card for the Webber International University Bookstore. The second big prize event of the evening was a pie eating contest. 12 students took on the challenge to eat a pie topped with whipped cream as quickly as they could. The clear winner was Noah Breakspear who managed to finish his pie before many of his fellow competitors had made it halfway! Breakspear was awarded a gift card for the Webber International University Student Union (café). The 3rd and final event of the evening was the notorious party game ‘musical chairs’. This game drew the largest crowd of supporters, all intrigued to see who would win and what the third prize of the evening would be. The final two contestants, Natalie Bartek and Joshua Spencer, battled it out to the song “Cupid Shuffle” before Spencer was crowned champion and awarded with a ticket to Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Nights.

The class nominated Anna Schutzler to be the Event Director and after the event she said, “I thought that the Fall Fest was a complete success. The student’s faces said it all. Everyone seemed to have so much fun participating in all the games, eating the festive foods, and winning candy and other prizes. This experience was awesome and the group of people I got to work with made it so great. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did!”

The Facility and Event Management class is available every fall, so stay tuned to see what the class comes up with next year.