What can I do with a Sports Business Management degree?

Sports management is an exciting field that offers a sheer array of opportunities. Whether you choose to pursue a sports management major or a master’s in sports management, organizations and businesses alike within the industry are always on the lookout for skilled professionals with a keen business sense and a real love of sports.


A sports business management degree allows you to choose a variety of paths in the business. You can either work on the sales side of things, on the marketing side of things, where you can do a lot, from creating and executing social media strategies to coordinating partnerships and corporate sponsorships with brands. If you were to take a sports psychology degree, you could also work closely with athletes and some of the world’s most prominent sports organizations.


Where can a degree in Sports Business Management take you?


Sports management courses and sports management programs can both lead to different career paths. While some jobs require strong communication skills, other jobs involve working closely with brands and strengthening relationships with partners and sponsors.


Most people find employment within all sectors under the overarching umbrella of the sport management profession, including professional sports, league sports, recreational sports, and even non-profit organizations.


Having a degree in sports business management prepares individuals for a wide range of paths, including:
  • Sport marketing
  • Event management
  • Sport Sales
  • Professional management


Taking a much closer look, the top 4 careers when you have a sports management degree:
  • Sports psychologist
  • Statistician
  • Sports agent
  • Public relations manager


Whether you’re interested in representing an athlete or developing marketing strategies for a sports team, there is a lot of room for finding different job opportunities. By pursuing a degree in sports management, you will develop essential communication, leadership, and business skills, the cornerstone of a successful career.