What Jobs Can I Do with a Teaching Degree?


We’ve all been encouraged by the great teachers in our lives to get to where we are today. Teaching is a flexible, valuable degree that puts you on the fast track to a career full of creativity and fun. So, once you’ve trained, what jobs can you do with a teaching degree?

Special Education Teacher

As a special education teacher, you’ll support the needs of children and young people with a variety of disabilities. You’ll devote one-on-one time to helping them achieve their goals at their own pace. You’ll apply the listening and communication skills you learned to adapt the curriculum to each child’s needs. You’ll also work closely with parents to make recommendations on how to continue learning at home and provide updates on their child’s progress.

Elementary School Teacher

If you love working with and getting to know children, elementary school teaching is the job for you. The goal of a teacher is to help young children develop their social skills and encourage positive learning habits in a classroom environment. You will lead a single class of children throughout the school day. You will devise teaching plans designed to build a foundation of reading, writing, and math. You will also be a strong leader of discussions and facilitate good communication between students.

Guidance Counselor

If you’re passionate about encouraging others to fulfill their potential, then a career as a guidance counselor is an excellent option for you. Working with children outside of the classroom environment, you’ll be responsible for strengthening your students’ academic and social skills. You will support students in adjusting to the school environment and overcoming obstacles that impact their learning. While you qualify for this position with your teaching degree, you might also want to look into masters education degree courses to help support your learning.

Training and Development Specialist or Manager

With a teaching degree, you will have gained the skills to provide instruction and lead group discussion, which are beneficial in a training and development position. Your aim in this role will be to improve your group of workers’ skills, knowledge, and performance. If you’re a natural-born leader and communicator, this will be a fulfilling and challenging career with rewarding results. Strengthen your knowledge when applying for this position by looking into business classes or more masters courses.

Adult Education

As an adult educator, you may support a range of educational needs with older people. Many adults re-entering education are looking for a qualified teacher to prepare them for the GED (General Educational Development). This includes improving students’ skills in the fundamentals of reading, writing, and math skills.
Other adult education jobs include working with students who are ESL (English As a Second Language). You’ll understand that adult learners often need to balance their education with work or family obligations in this role.

Writer or Editor

If you have a love of the written word, this could be an exceptional career choice. Writers create concise and engaging content for print and online media while editors provide feedback on this content and decide what to publish to the public. As a trained teacher, you will be proficient in delivering feedback, spotting errors, and interestingly conveying complex information.

Education Consultant

Education consultants have a passion for shaping the way that people learn. You’ll use your teaching knowledge to develop a workable curriculum or work with larger organizations to identify their particular needs. This career allows you to have flexibility as you can adapt your skills to work across various industries.

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